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The 12-Year-Old in Me...

This is a particular favorite of mine... you won't find it on the website (at least I don't think so), but it was a blast to take. When we lived in Fresno, CA years ago... must've been around 2004-2005... I was hired to photograph the entire Fresno Police Department for an "Annual" they were creating to sell as a fund-raiser for a Fallen Officer Fund, or something like that... kind of like a high school yearbook... but for cops. I shot over 2000 portraits of officers, plus groups and "action shots" from each division within the overall department. Which was fairly large. One of them was the "aerial" division, and they were very proud of their 2 brand-spanking-new helicopters... so we took them up over about a 2-week period, and shot them in flight, as well as aerial photos of the city, etc. Even got a low-speed chase on the freeway, but that's a story for 'nother day. I was strapped in, but the side door was open as we flew, to give me unfettered access... and I was able to talk to both pilots over the headset I had on, and give them directions. It was about the most fun I've ever had that didn't require recreational pharmaceuticals. Just kidding, kids. Anyway, enjoy.

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